Microsoft 365 roadmap roundup – 30th August 2021

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  • Launched (2)
  • Rolling out (7)
  • In development (16)


  • Microsoft Teams: Live Events in GCC-High, and DoD – Soon, you will be able to use Live Events in GCCH and DoD for your needs. Roadmap ID: 82954
  • Microsoft Teams: Dual-tone multi-frequency support for VDI (Citrix only) – Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) for Teams on Citrix dial an outside number via dialer. Call is connected but DTMF is not sent. For example, if user is trying to use Teams to join a Teams meeting by dialing the PSTN number, the conference ID cannot be entered. Roadmap ID: 83014


  • Microsoft Teams Include computer sound when sharing a Desktop or Window on Mac for GCC-High and DoD – You can now include your computer’s sound when you share a Desktop or Window on Mac. Roadmap ID: 67169
  • Microsoft Teams: Reading Progress in Teams for Education – reading practice and review software – Reading Progress is a reading practice and fluency experience that is part of Microsoft Teams for Education Assignments. Roadmap ID: 72240
  • Yammer and Microsoft Teams for Business: Customize branding & link previews – Microsoft Teams admins can customize the branding for the Yammer Communities app in Teams with their preferred app logos, naming, accent colour, and more. With this Communities app, users see a rich Yammer preview in chats and channel conversations when the user pastes a URL of a conversation from a public Yammer community. Roadmap ID: 82243
  • Microsoft Teams: Reporter and Side-by-Side Presenter Mode in desktop or window sharing – Two new presenter modes are now coming available. Reporter places content as a visual aid above your shoulder like a news story. Side-by-side displays your video feed next to your content. You can now select a mode that fits your needs and promotes a more engaging presentation and consumption experience. Roadmap ID: 83371
  • Microsoft Teams: Lower all raised hands for GCC-High and DoD – Meeting organizers and presenters will see an option to lower all raised hands from the participant pane. Roadmap ID: 83487
  • Microsoft Teams: Disable/Enable all Attendees’ Video GCC-High and DoD – Ability in GCC-High and DoD to disable and enable video for all attendees before or during a Microsoft Teams meeting. Roadmap ID: 80221
  • Microsoft Teams: Disable/Enable a Single Attendee’s Video – Ability to disable and enable a single attendee’s video in a Microsoft Teams meeting. Roadmap ID: 80224


Release – September 2021

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: 2×2 video in Gallery view for web meetings in Safari – Gallery view now can show up to 4 participant videos during a meeting in Safari browser. Roadmap ID: 86513
  • Microsoft Teams: Integrated CART Captioning in Meetings – Users will now be able to view captions coming from a CART provider (real-time captioning) within the Microsoft Teams meeting window. Roadmap ID: 70588
  • Microsoft Teams: Music on Hold for Consult/Transfer – Music on Hold for Consult/Transfer scenarios ensures that users placed on hold will hear music while consultation and transfer occurs, ensuring that the caller knows that the call is still active. Roadmap ID: 82957
  •  Microsoft Teams: New default for Teams notification style – Teams notification style will be defaulted to native notifications for new users. Currently the default style is Teams purple, with this change to native notifications the user will benefit from support for assist mode, action center, accessibility and more. Roadmap ID: 83062
  • Microsoft Teams: Music Mode for Teams – In music mode, we support up to 32 kHz sampling rate mono audio at 128 kbps, and optimize our internal audio processing settings for reproducing music with high fidelity. Teams will automatically adjust the audio bitrate based on the available bandwidth, going down to 48 kbps while still delivering good music quality. Roadmap ID: 83520
  • Microsoft Teams: Guest access in DoD – Teams now supports Guest Access between tenants inside the DoD Cloud. Roadmap ID: 83676
  • Microsoft Teams: Sharing device audio on iOS and Android for GCC High and DoD – Include device audio when sharing on iPhones/iPads and Android devices. Roadmap ID: 85005
  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams Rooms on Surface Hub – This next generation of Teams on Surface Hub has been redesigned to bring your favourite features from the desktop and Microsoft Teams Rooms into the meeting space. Roadmap ID: 85447

Release – October 2021

  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Export Teams list from Teams Admin Center – Administrators can export Teams list as a csv file from Teams admin center. Roadmap ID: 85704
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Anonymous meeting join across clouds – Microsoft are enabling anonymous meeting join in other clouds anonymously from your Teams desktop app (across clouds). First, Commercial and GCC customers will be able to join meetings in GCC-High and DOD clouds. Roadmap ID: 86311
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: Multi-Window support for VDI – Azure Virtual Desktop – Users will be able to view meetings and calls in separate windows from the main Microsoft Teams client. Additionally, meeting and call controls such as mute, video, chat, leave and others will now be located at the top of the meeting window so that they are always available and never block the underlying content. Roadmap ID: 86548
  • 🆕 Microsoft Teams: 2×2 video in Gallery view for web meetings in Safari – Gallery view now can show up to 4 participant videos during a meeting in Safari browser. Roadmap ID: 86906

Release – November 2021

  • Microsoft Teams: Co-organizer Meeting Role – Organizers will now be able to share control by assigning the new “Co-organizer” role to people they invite. Roadmap ID: 81391

Release – December 2021

  • Microsoft Teams: Support for breakout rooms for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android – Ability to consume breakout rooms feature in Teams meetings. Roadmap ID: 68745
  • Microsoft Teams: Direct guest join for Zoom and Webex meetings on video-enabled certified Teams Android devices – Direct guest join (aka Third-party meeting join) is an ability to join meetings of other meeting providers from Microsoft Teams. Third-party meetings will appear on the Teams calendar and users will be able to join them the same way they join any other Teams meeting. This functionality will be limited to video-enabled certified Teams Android devices and will support only Zoom and Webex meetings. Roadmap ID: 81482

Release – March 2022

  • Microsoft Teams: Co-organizer Meeting Role for GCC-High and DoD – Organizers will now be able to share control by assigning the new “Co-organizer” role to people they invite. Roadmap ID: 81676

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