How to approve/ reject extension requests in Azure DevOps

In this post details how requests can be made for extensions to be added to Azure DevOps, and how to approve/ reject them.

What are extensions?

Extensions are add-ons which you can use and add to extend Azure DevOps. Extensions get published to the Visual Studio Marketplace, where they can be kept private, or shared publicly. Anyone can publish extensions from developers to third parties, to Microsoft. There are ways in which you can evaluate whether extensions are safe to use within the organisation, before deciding to install them.

Evaluating an extension

Each extension comes with the following information to help you determine whether it is safe to use it, such as:

  • Top Publisher badge: The publisher has demonstrated commitment to its customers and the Marketplace through excellent policies, quality, reliability, and support. For more information, go to Top Publisher.
  • Q & A: The Q & A section of published extensions may answer questions you may have. Also, they’re a good mechanism to engage with the extension’s publisher(s) to have a meaningful dialogue to make yourself comfortable. Use the Q & A information to understand the development, testing, and security practices the publisher follows. It also gives you a sense of the publisher’s responsiveness.
  • Ratings & reviews: Ratings and reviews indicate how others perceive the offering.Privacy, license, and support policies​​​​​​​: See if the publisher has provided them and if they meet your needs or concerns. For more information, go to Safety information.

Approve or reject an extension

  • When an extension is requested, an email will be sent to the Azure DevOps organisation Project Collection Administrators for approval. It will look similar to this:
  • A link in the email will take approvers to this page within Dev Ops to review and approve/ reject the extension
  • Press Approve
  • To reject, press the three dots … and press Reject
  • You will be re-directed to the Marketplace to install the extension. Check the correct organisation is selected in the drop-down menu and press Install.
  • Once installed, you will receive a success message and be directed back to DevOps.


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