Quirks of routing document sets

Recently I encountered an issue with a process that was created that routed document sets from one library into another. There were a number of document sets that followed this process that encountered errors when trying to move.

The process was automated via a standard sharepoint workflow, typically there were no useful errors in the workflow history list – just error occurred! Well as it turned out there wasn’t any issue with the workflow or the process of moving document sets to a drop-off library.

There are however, limitations when moving document sets to drop-off libraries to consider, such as:

Document Sets over 50MB in size cannot be moved to the drop-off library

Whether this is done using a workflow, or the send to feature a document set can’t be any bigger than 50MB.


Document Sets containing folders won’t move

By default, you aren’t able to create folders in document sets using native sharepoint controls. However you can bypass this by opening with explorer view. This will still result in the document set erroring when trying to move.

XML file types will cause issues

If your sharepoint environment allows for this type of file, it will still cause the document set to fail to move to the drop-off library.

Routing of Document Sets requires timer job

When document sets are sent to a drop-off library, they will wait there until content organizer rules route them to their destination. This process is is driven by the content organizer processing timer job, which runs daily by default.

If you have found any other quirks when routing document sets, please let me know…otherwise it’s a piece of cake 🙂


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