Microsoft 365 update for October 2019

Slightly shorter than usual 🙂 but with Microsoft Ignite imminently upon us, I wanted to break down all of October’s release info prior to the big announcements coming out of Ignite.

SharePointSite URL rename, start page redesign, SPMT supports SharePoint 2010, list view formatting, configure list forms, Microsoft acquires Mover, 365 learning paths

OneDrivedifferential sync for all files, uniform file sharing in Outlook web, markup in Office Android, external sharing reports, cross volume moves, per machine sync client GA

RelatedProject, video trimming in Stream


SharePoint site URL rename

SharePoint administrators will soon be able to change site URLs. As an admin, you will be able to change the URL for classic team sites, communication sites, and both O365 group-connect and non group-connected modern team sites.

Changing a site address in SharePoint Online
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SharePoint start page redesign

Now going by the name the “SharePoint start page” (previously SharePoint home) the start page has received a raft of redesigned elements such as:

  • Browse news and sites seamlessly without leaving the start page
  • Arrange sites based on content that’s relevant to your work
  • Navigate to important tools and featured links right from the start page
  • Access recently used documents quickly and securely
SharePoint start page
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SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) now supports SharePoint Server 2010

Previously a beta release, the SPMT now fully supports migrations from SharePoint Server 2010 to Office 365. You can now also select a sub-folder destination or create a sub-folder directly in the tool, allowing you to migrate your content directly into your preferred Microsoft Teams channel(s).

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Custom list view formatting

You can use view formatting to customize how SharePoint lists and libraries are displayed. List view formatting uses JSON to describe the elements that are displayed when a row is loaded and any styles to be applied to those elements, without changing any data.

List view formatting with JSON
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Show/hide columns in SharePoint list & library forms

Its now’ super simple to change the visibility and ordering of fields in SharePoint list and library forms. Just press Edit Form > Show/hide columns in the details pane to choose what to display on the default form.

Show/hide columns in SharePoint list & library forms
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Microsoft acquires Mover

Mover is a cloud file migration tool that allows you to move data from various cloud storage providers into Office 365. Microsoft announced they had purchased the tool on October 21, to bolster their own cloud file migration offerings.

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Microsoft 365 paths on Microsoft Learn

Prepare for Microsoft certifications with 22 learning paths now available on demand. These self-guided learning paths allow you to learn at your own pace and choose what level of expertise you would like to achieve.

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Differential sync for all file types

Differential sync makes the synchronization process much faster, only syncing the parts of large files that have changed – rather than the whole thing. Now being rolled out is the ability to leverage differential sync to all file types stored in OneDrive and SharePoint.

Differential sync in OneDrive
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Uniform file sharing experience for Outlook web app

You can now share files by easily adjusting the sharing and access controls directly in the Outlook web app. The link settings experience is now consistent across Microsoft 365 for web, desktop and mobile.

Coherent sharing experience with Outlook web app

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Add markup in Office for Android

You can now annotate PDF’s in the OneDrive Android app. Android users can now also easily convert Word, PowerPoint and Excel files into PDF’s to leverage the markup capabilities.

Word, Excel , PowerPoint markup flow for Android
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OneDrive external sharing reports

External sharing reports are now available for OneDrive! External sharing reports allow you to understand how content is being shared inside and outside the organisation.

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Cross volume moves with PC folder backup

Microsoft have announced the support of cross volume moves while backing up known Windows folders , allowing you to back up important folders even when they are on a different volume than the OneDrive folder.

OneDrive protects your content in your important Windows folders (Desktop, Pictures, Documents) by implementing PC folder backup (aka Known Folder Move). You can continue saving files to the folders you are familiar with as well as have access to their files in these important Windows folders from anywhere.

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Per machine, sync client install enters GA

The per machine install of client sync is now generally available. This functionality helps installing OneDrive once on the Windows machine under Program Files. Migrating to the per-machine client is optional, but it can be helpful for multi-user machines and when you don’t want exe files running from the user profile.

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All new Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project has received a redesigned user experience, with the ability to collaborate easily and automate scheduling based on effort, duration and resources. Now generally available, Project also now has its own subscription plan in line with other Office 365 offerings.

The new Microsoft Project
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Stream video editing and file replacement

You can now Trim the beginning and end of your videos in Stream. This new feature makes it easy to remove unwanted footage at the beginning or end of a video – including live events and Teams meeting recordings.

You now also have the ability to change your video file, and keep the same link. This new feature enables video owners and Stream admins to upload a new version of a video, without changing the video link, details or permissions.

Remove unwanted footage at the beginning or end of a video – including live events and Teams meeting recordings
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