Microsoft 365 update for November 2019

Even though this is November’s 365 update, it’s most definitely a Christmas edition so happy holiday’s everyone 🙂 I’ve included the round-up of the announcements from Microsoft Ignite in this month’s update that are either generally available or scheduled for release this year.

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Microsoft 365 update for January 2019

After a brief hiatus here’s all the best bits of the Microsoft 365 update covering all the latest enhancements and updates to Microsoft Office 365.

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Improvements to Microsoft Teams

Shifts in Teams

Teams is introducing a new app called Shifts, which allows managers to plan, create and adjust their team’s schedules. Team members can also update their availability, review schedules, and request time off. Shifts replaces much of the functionality in Microsoft StaffHub, which is scheduled to be retired in October of 2019.

New Shifts app in Microsoft Teams

Custom navigation options

Everyone likes to use the tools within Teams differently. Now with the new customizable navigation experience Teams users on mobile devices, you can edit the navigation menu to prioritise the most important features that suit you. You will also soon be able to share you location information and record audio messages through the Teams app.

left: customising the navigation, centre: share location, right: record audio in Teams app

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Microsoft Stream plus forms integration

Stream is becomming more closely integrated with Forms which will allow you to seemlessly add quizzes, surveys, and polling right into the video. The results from these forms would be available to analyze to help improve the video content.

Stream will also be available to embed within PowerPoint presentations, along with all other video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

The Stream app for iOS is now available along with the android version.

Stream with forms integration

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New Yammer conversations webpart for SharePoint

New to the long list of readily available webparts in SharePoint is Yammer Conversations. You can include conversations from any Yammer group, topic, user or home feed onto just about any SharePoint page, news article, or site.

Yammer conversations webpart

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SharePoint Migration Tool generally available

The SharePoint Migration Tool is now in general availability, which along with the SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool, these free tools are key to helping move forward the journey to Microsoft 365.

This free solution migrates content from on-premises SharePoint sites and file shares to SharePoint Online or OneDrive in Office 365.

How to share and co-author in Sway

If you start to use Sway within your organisation, you will likely want to be able to co-author and collaborate on each Sway much like normal documents and files within your O365 environment.

The good news is this is very much possible in Sway and the steps below will show you how to do it:

Share your Sway

  1. Before you can see who has co-author abilities on your Sway, you need to first share it with those people and decide what sort of permissions they have
  2. You have the choice of 3 options: specific people or groups, those in your organisation and anyone with a link
  3. To enable people to co-author the Sway with you, select edit
  4. Select the recipients or share the link with those you wish to edit the Sway

Under more options, you can optionally choose to set a password for people to access a Sway. This can be required for everyone or only those with edit access.


NOTE: You can share your sway with people outside of your organisation and allow them to edit by selecting the anyone with a link option.

Look who’s authored

Now that you have sucessfully shared your Sway, you will now be able to see who has co-authored it with you:

  1. Open your Sway, click on the Share button
  2. Under the link section you will see a list of authors for this Sway


You can also see who is co-authoring your Sway in real time! If you open your Sway whilst others are editing you will notice a little 1 in the Share button.