SharePoint Stuff turns three! new domain, plus site updates

Wow I can’t believe SharePoint Stuff is three years old! I figured it was about time I upgraded the site from the trusty free version that’s served me so well – time to go legit!

So with that said, I’ve also purchased the dot com equivalent of the SharePoint Stuff URL to consolidate things which hopefully won’t cause any disruption going forwards.

Whilst I was at it I also decided to re-vamp the site a little bit, so you’ll notice a new look-and-feel, a new archive by year widget, cleaner footer design plus some other small improvements here and there.

Finally, I’ve been kicking around some ideas to expand the site this year – I’m not sure if I’ll be able to achieve them or not, but I’m going to try to post several times per month as a bare minimum so keep an eye out for more.

As always, if you have any suggestions or any other thoughts please leave a comment, or leave me some feedback.


Anthony (SharePoint Stuff)